Sunday, 23 January 2011

Delivery Rounds

I've just been out delivering. It's tiring on the feet but as apart from getting your message distributed for free, it's also a great way to see the patchwork of an area. I really think more members should do it - especially when it's not raining.

Right, I need a brew now!!

Saturday, 22 January 2011

my tips on twittering

Wrote some tips on tweeting for another forum and thought I'd share them here!

If you've come here from twitter you'll know this but my twitter is @bubbalou

Anyway..... Here are my tips

1. Engage. Write @ replies to lots of people and have conversations

2. Follow people who you like, about half will follow back.

3. Celebrities probably won't follow back. but if you write them a question, make it relevant and you'll get a lot of followers from that if they reply.

4. Retweet content that interests you.

5. Vary what you talk about. Politics is important but put some human interest in there too.

6. Try and spice up the content every so often with a pic or joke.

7. Don't obsess about losing followers, it's not facebook.

8. Use something like Tweetdeck to manage columns of hashtags (when people put # before topics of conversations like #bbcqt for Question Time)

9. Talk about things as they are happening. For instance use the hashtag #bbcqt when it's on and tweet relevant thoughts and opinions. People will probably start either retweeting or @ replying to you, and then you're on your way

10. Check in regularly, nothing more offputting when following to see someone hasn't tweeted since july 2010 Wink

11. You can only follow 2000 people until...

12. ....if over 1900 people follow you, when you can follow more than 2000 people.

Good luck and happy tweeting

Sunday, 16 January 2011

back to the future....

Haven't updated this blog for ages!!!

Since I last posted, I have joined the Liberal Democrats, and made a lot of contributions to the tuition fees debate, local campaining, going to my first conference very shortly as well!!

I've made friends within the Lib Dems and also gained a lot more facebook and twitter friends from it as well.

I am currently writing an article which I hope to be published on the main site on Lib Dem Voice which is a good forum for all Lib Dems and others wishing to discuss the party.