Thursday, 17 November 2011

And what about the kids?

Twice this last couple of weeks I've asked "what about the kids" and people have either reacted with surprise or confusion.

I was at a folk gig & book reading (of a kind) last week. They were creating and recreating folk memories - with descriptions of the British Isles and old folk songs sung and played on traditional British instruments. I really enjoyed the evening so at the Q&A session afterward I asked the leader of the group if he'd thought of taking his show into schools.

The answer came that if children were interested then they would be welcome - all very well but why not proactively go out and seek them?

At another event, I was told the average reading age in this country was between 8-14 years. So, to me, if we want to produce anything to be read, we better get 8-14 year olds to proof-read it - again this was met with surprise- but this time the speaker took the idea on board - good on him!

I think we should talk about the kids more :)

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