Saturday, 21 July 2012

How to improve the Lib Dems? Just Do It.

I asked a group of LibDems recently what they would do to improve the party. 

Some great suggestions flowed which I won't reproduce here as I haven't got permission. But to use my own example - I think we need more work on strategy, and also for the membership to feel more engaged with this work. 

But what I do see is need for reform in a lot of places - and I would like LDs to step up and actually do their bit rather than moaning about it - so if you think there is a need for more strategy - write one and bug everyone in authority in the party about it till they do something about it to make you go away. If there's a problem with communication between the leadership and the membership, set up a blog/twitter account and use it!  If you are concerned about selection bias, then collate information and put forward a motion to conference about it. The list goes on.

We're pretty smart people, and we can often see a way forward. I'd like the next generation of Lib Dems, and the generation above that (mine) to start and continue to exert influence in this party respectively. I think the results could be pretty exciting.

Just Do It.

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