Sunday, 8 July 2012

Why I am a liberal #1 - The Criminal Justice Act

A while back, within the context of another debate, I realised one of the reasons I am a liberal was the Criminal Justice Act.

Mostly brought on by The Prodigy,

which the eagle-eyed amongst you will notice is part of the reason for this blog’s name – they were instrumental in opposing the Bill as it was then, and through my obsessional consumption of the NME at the time, it was brought to me in full technicolour that it was bad to stop people dancing, and to a very idealistic 15 year old in a newly minted Pearl Jam T-shirt*, it made perfect sense. I wanted to dance, it wouldn’t do anyone else any harm, and who wanted to stop us again ? And why?

From Wikipedia

Their Law, a song by The Prodigy and Pop Will Eat Itself, was written as a direct response to the bill. A quotation in the booklet of the Prodigy's album Music for the Jilted Generation read "How can the government stop young people having a good time? Fight this bollocks." Hell Yeah!

Of course all my youthful idealism came to nought and the bill was passed, but the nascent liberal was born.

At least part of this was probably feeling that the Tories were mean kill-joys and that Labour were busy telling us things could only get better. Of course Labour would be more cuddly, nice and they would let us do what we wanted if we didn’t harm anyone else (hmmmmmm) – that’ll be post #2 then….

What about you, what was the first thing that inspired your liberalism?

* '9 out of 10 Kids prefer crayons to Guns'. Since you’re asking.

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