Saturday, 14 July 2012

Why I am a liberal # 3 - Joining the Lib Dems

I joined the Lib Dems because a friend said I should. She wasn't a Lib Dem but on the run up to the 2010 election I had a daily argument with a group of my friends who read the Daily Mail about not voting Tory, or Labour either and what the Lib Dems had to offer.

This is interesting because apparently more Lib Dem voters read the Daily Mail than any other paper.  I had read that sentence a few times cos it's easy to misconstrue. I personally believe this has more to do with the Daily Mails circulation, (very high), than any predilection for LibDems to hold nonsensical, kneejerk opinions, but plenty of people who read nonsenscial, kneejerk opinions vote Lib Dem.....

Anyway, I digress, I spent so long trying to convince my Daily Mail reading friends that the Lib Dems were a good option, one of them told me "why don't you go and volunteer for them then?"

After the election, and after a while looking at the local party website I decided to e-mail the Parliamentary candidate. A few emails later my first meeting was arranged by the neighbouring local party. I remember it, and wonder at myself before I got involved in this nefarious, loyal, cynical, idealistic, hardworking, doubledealing, fascinating and interesting world of politics. I remember being startled at being asked if I'd thought of standing. And in an immense hurry to get everything done NOW. 

I've made friends, which isn't surprising as people are on my wavelength in this party. I'm surprised at how loyal people are, which is lovely by the way. It's not at all as I thought it would be - but it's approx. 2 years, many friends and 1 million leaflets after joining, and I'm embedded in this party, my blood runs a bright sunshine colour, and I can't imagine not being a part of it. 

What's your story?


  1. Please read Matthew Gibson's piece on newspapers/voting -

    As for my story. I finally caved and joined because I was annoyed at the backlash against the party nationally - and against Nick Clegg personally after the coalition was formed. I decided it was probably time to actually try and help spread liberal values instead of just being an armchair blogger and screaming from the sidelines.

    It has been an interesting experience as to be blunt the local party here is very stuck in the mud. The party is on the defensive because of a combination of issues streaming from a lack of proper leadership to old fashioned campaigning. The local party need a fresh approach if they are going to build again and it is going to be hard to get that. I have an idea or two but we'll see if I can get it off the ground.

    (sorry if this in posted multiple times - weird login issues)

  2. Thanks Neil, I'll have a look.

    That's an issue I've heard from a few people before. I guess it's important as a new member of a local party to listen and learn but I do know what you mean about frustrations sometimes.