Monday, 6 August 2012

Don't Menschn the kids....

The MP for Corby, Louise Mensch has resigned this morning to spend more time with her family and children. 

Without getting into whether I personally believe her or not, I'd like to think about why we never ever believe a man who says the same thing - it's always - "What's he done?" and speculation about why he's had to resign. 

Whereas we accept this one at face value and plunge straight into articles about how it's hard for women to balance kids and career. While not disputing that, (the brief time I've tried anything even slightly similar had me flat out with exhaustion), I'd like to argue what her actions have done for the cause of women in Parliament, or indeed men who want to have some family life in between the politics

Take for example Clegg, who's on record saying that he has to balance family life (school run particularly)  with his political career. Having the briefest insight into his diary, I don't know how he does it. 

Contemplate for a moment whether we'd believe him if he was to resign tomorrow. I doubt it. 

As Chad Noble (@chadnoble ) put it, yes she has gone on record talking about the pressures of family life on a woman in Parliament. And so has Clegg about his pressures as a father of young children in Parliament. 

Would we believe him for one second if he resigned to spend more time with his kids? I'd say no. I hope he doesn't by the way, but I doubt very much if the narrative would be as believed as Mensch's has been.

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