Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Manchester is more bang for your buck....

Dan Hodges likes Manchester but not as much as London 

This is a riposte to Stuart Maconie's piece about why Manchester's better than London.

Meanwhile Manchester still outstrips London as the UK's most "live-able" (horrible word) city

Anyway, Dan's piece misses something that Manchester has over London: value for money.

Manchester's just better value for money. It's got what London's got, and Dan probably has a point that there is MORE in London - but I've attended Schubert concerts, seen Brian Cox wax lyrical about the Solar System three times (once on the radio) - both of these at the BBC in Salford, Dan. I've seen the Mystery Jets, currently  one of the best bands in Britain, live - here in Manchester. In fact most bands that play London play Manchester as well - however this year I saw The Stone Roses, probably the best concert I've ever been to.  And they didn't play London, you know.

In addition, for the young urban professional in the Northern Quarter, or the slightly older vegetarian hippie Chorlton dweller, it's a lot easier to buy houses. I was having this conversation with someone last night, about how much we'd have to earn to live in London, and how it would cut into our "disposable" income - read how long we're going to have to save to buy a house, and also, how hard it would be to buy a house if we ever did get the money together. A point, interestingly, that both Maconie and Hodges miss.

And, and, and...... Manchester's recaltricant son Steven Morrissey exclaimed how he's been given the keys to Tel Aviv but Manchester City Council refuse to honour him - again another great idea from Manchester Lib Dems, for a Music Hall of Fame was not taken up by the Manchester Labour that Dan Hodges praises in his article.

Plus - for the discerning dinner, a rather amusing restaurant review from @NewsManc here:

We dine in offices you know. Take that London!

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