Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Awaiting pronouncement on the scale of my blog....

Once again Stephen Tall gets to the heart of the issue

What is a small scale blog?

My 2p worth -

I can't say that it's not bothering me i.e. what I am allowed to write and when. I'd like to think I'm not likely to libel anyone with my thoughts on emotions in politics and related issues - but  I'm not sure of :

a) what the legislation actually means, 

b) whether I'm covered by it 

c) whether I need to sign up for a regulator

d) what rights I have to defend myself
 e) if a vengeful litigious person/organisation might have more rights than me

All said, this restricts both my typing fingers, and I would say the creative process. I continue to write for myself, but can't share it at the moment. 

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