Monday, 7 October 2013

Reshuffle & redundancy

Big news day - reshuffle, which will probably be analysed a lot over the next few days - what it means for the coalition, what it means for the referendum, what it means for women and obviously for the ministers themselves.

I've seen a couple of comments about how tough it is on advisors, and that's a good point - as ministers often bring in their own Special Advisors, they may leave with the ministers, in fact are likely to.

Imagine losing your job because your boss had lost theirs - perhaps you (and they!) had been doing a great job but it was decided everything needed a new direction (which is given as the reason Michael Moore has been replaced with Alistair Carmichael, though clearly will still need to take a bit of a Michael into the Scottish job....*) . I suppose it's another way that politics differs from "normal" life - if your boss lost their job due to a restructure, and so did you, you should at least receive some sort of redundancy payment to tide you over.....

*think cryptic crossword clues

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