Monday, 30 December 2013

2013 - That Was The Year That Was

Personally the odd years seem to be going the best for me so far.... I am now engaged! Also managed to move house and go on holiday twice - to Barbados and Cyprus!

Outside the personal tho:

What did I enjoy this year?

Website of the year - The Atlantic - always got something new to say. I do seem to enjoy reading US news websites more than UK ones - they almost seem more thoughtful, and less self-regarding than a lot of UK sites (e.g. BBC, Guardian etc - who I often feel do have an agenda and pick stories to match that).

Books including "The Northern Clemency" and "The Lost Continent"

Like everyone else I enjoyed Breaking Bad, and have been using Netflix to binge-watch the remake of "House of Cards", "Rome" and "Dawson's Creek" recently as well. 

Some achievements this year

Giving up Twitter for Lent - which is becoming more and more fashionable - you saw it here first ;)

Working with others in the Lib Dem party about the validity of OMOV for internal committees within the Lib Dems

Helping publish "The Coalition and Beyond" as part of Liberal Reform.

Rolling over resolutions for next year

I wanted to publish something in the Staggers or on Comment is Free however didn't get round to it. Other than my professional goals some other things I want to achieve next year are potentially signing up to a qualification in psychology, and buying a new car. Saving for a house deposit as well.

Here's to a great 2014 and best of luck to you and yours! Happy New Year! 

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