Tuesday, 14 January 2014


Though I'm thinking of taking this blog in another direction away from emotions in politics, I wanted comment today because of the Francois Hollande "scandal" - although it's not a scandal in France because mistresses are tolerated there.

I am interested in what it says about a person, any person, that they treat their (soon to be ex?) partner with such contempt as to inform them they've been dumped via being seen in public meeting with someone else. Tho Hollande was not married to his partner,  ValĂ©rie Trierweiler, who's currently existing in a Schroedinger like state of perhaps being his partner, perhaps not, she did enjoy some of the trappings of state as "First Lady".

But what I am moved to comment on is the callousness, of taking up with another partner without having at least a conversation with the soon-to-be-ex partner about what would happen. Apart from anything else, if they have rooms and staff, it's really very difficult for everyone else to organise around your particular whims.

I wouldn't like to draw any conclusions about the effect on his Presidency, which by all measures isn't going well, but Francois Hollande's callous disregard for his fellow human beings suffering, does not endear me to him as a person.