Friday, 14 February 2014


Despite the date I'm not going to blog about Valentine's Day today or try and link it to my post!

Today I want to talk about vulnerability. Davina McCall has impressed many this week with her determination to push on through her Sport Relief challenge of a 500-mile (805km) journey under her own steam from Edinburgh to London  . This is indeed very impressive and it's a very important cause she is raising money for. (I was moved to sponsor her myself)

What's also impressed me is that she is willing to  be vulnerable, something people, especially people in Britain seem unwilling to do. Without being vulnerable occassionally, we can't really connect with others. I think sometimes vulnerability is equated with victimhood, which it shouldn't be.

The Drama Triangle teaches us there is a difference between victim and vulnerable and it's in the eyes of the perciever - even if that happens to be the victim/vulnerable person themselves. The difference is that the person, in fact everyone is in control of their actions.

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