Thursday, 13 March 2014

Nick Clegg is a real Lib Dem, he loves campaigning.....

Having been to Spring Conference, I was interested to see that a new spring seems to be in Nick Clegg's step, ever since he successfully challenged Nigel Farage to sign up to a debate on Europe.

I also feel quite positively about this myself, proving that once again, if I agree with my leader his move is wise, politically adept and bound to improve our chances in the election. Of course if I don't, he's misguided, unaligned with the membership and destined to take us into political oblivion. The truth is likely somewhere between.

But back on point, I was struck how much Nick reminded me of other Lib Dems, and other Lib Dems around the time in the calendar where families get abandoned, social life becomes a distant memory (unless it's with Other Lib Dems and A Fundraising Opportunity Probably Involving A Raffle) and one persuades oneself that knocking on doors and talking to strangers is a fun way to spend a precious day off from working to pay the bills, and moreover one should take pictures of this to advertise to ones twitter feed of Other Lib Dems that one is doing this - I call this the Lib Dem delivery brag - c.f. "Just popping out to do some leaflets in the morning" or it's sister the Lib Dem doorstep brag "On the doorstep in XXXXXX, beautiful sunny day".

It seems often Lib Dems especially seem to get very fired up by campaigning, and exist in a level of hyperactivity, in the literal sense, whenever anyone wants to campaign. In this sense, our leader with his excellent debate and "town hall meeting" skills, is an exemplary Lib Dem.

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