Monday, 31 March 2014

The Pavlovian response "But what about the menz?"

Owen Jones has written a reasonable article about domestic violence. I'm not completely in line with his politics, however the facts he quotes are correct, and it's definitely important comment about an issue affecting women.

But it's distinctly annoying that EVERY time a commentator talks about this it's always attacked by people (usually men) saying "but what about the menz".

I'd like to argue this is pathological. As in mal-adaptive behaviour. I'm not sure what people's aim is here when they attack any domestic violence campaign with questions about why people don't talk about men.

Just imagine for a minute Owen had written about prostate cancer. How bizarre and idiotic, not to mention offensive would it be for feminists (say) to descend on his article and say "Women get cancer you know!!" "Why don't these articles talk about breast cancer?" "But what about the womenz?" Interestingly, I don't think this ever happens. 

It looks so pathological, honestly. That means habitual (tick), maladaptive (tick), and compulsive (tick).

It's like a Pavlovian response, oh someone's talking about an issue that affects women, lets make sure that they talk about men TOO. Why? Why do people do this? i think anyone that does should at least be examining their own motivations, but I'm sure they'd rather focus on everyone elses. 

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