Sunday, 25 May 2014

They are Sexist Killings. Not Hunger Games killings, or Virgin Killings. Look at the misoygny, it's right in front of you........

I've been told to enjoy being a newly-wed today, but I'm getting really wound up by the killings by Elliot Rodger and the consequent reporting of them

From the quick move to describe him as mentally ill (I imagine he was, but shouldn't we ask why did he feel entitled to his views on women?) to the reporting of the "Hunger Games" killings or the "virgin" killings.

These were sexist, misogynistic killings. He hated women. Not just these women, but all women. He hated them because he'd been rejected. He felt that this rejection was unfair, and that he should have what he wanted.

A few years ago I read "The Game" by Neil Strauss. It's a really good exploration from a previous member of the Pick Up Artist community, of his previous fellow travellers in the quest to treat women as a commodity, or prey... A year or two later I was at an event run by a news organisation, and everyone in the room rather thought they were someone important in the media. One chap, having previously hit on my friend (smooooth), started trying to impress me with various "Game" techniques - negging, giving and removing attention, etc etc. So I asked him if he'd read "The Game". He honestly looked stunned. He wasn't very bright, and he wasn't very nice, but it occurred to me he couldn't understand why a mere woman would have come across "The Game" or read it. I read it out of interest and you should too - Strauss is an excellent and thoughtful writer.

He saw me, not only as an object, and "prey" but also as someone entirely without agency.

And I saw him, at that point, as the patriarchy distilled into one moron.

Elliot Rodger mustn't have been having a great time, I agree he was deeply troubled. But if we won't look at the misogyny, and the idiocy of removing or denying the agency of women to live and love how they want to, then we will have more Elliot Rodgers.

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