Monday, 20 October 2014

I'm standing for Federal Executive.... on a platform about One Member One Vote (OMOV)

I'm standing for Federal Executive as I want to improve the representation in policy debates and for committees in our party. As I've blogged about before, it can be a confusing and difficult process for a new member (or not-so-new member!)  to get selected as a conference rep, yet we insist on telling new members that they "can vote on policy" - yes if they jump through a number of hoops at the correct time of the year, they can. But many new members don't know about those hoops.....

I was speaking to a new member in another local party this weekend, who like many, joined through the website. He referred to the fact he'd voted Lib Dem for years and did now want to get involved. The intricacies of the conference system were a complete mystery to him

I was also campaigning this weekend, in my own local party and had to explain again the labyrinthine system to a party stalwart of many years standing who didn't have a clue why they couldn't vote on policy or for conference reps. 

The final person I spoke to was fully versed on the system AND happened to be a conference rep. I hope I persuaded them to vote for me. However their concern was that the party should spend time campaigning, and I was able to share that if we were able to lighten the membership officers' load a little by meaning they didn't have to maintain a list of conference rep, and take some of the flak off them when people get disenfranchised as the rep updates don't get to HQ on time, then the volunteers that we ask to do this job would have more time to campaign.
I wonder if you can recognize yourself in any of these party members?

So, all in all a good weekend getting a variety of different views on the whole OMOV situation. I really enjoy talking to party members so please let me know in the comments about your view or experience - or alternatively email me 

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