Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Intersectionalism? I'd rather listen to Nicki Minaj

If you've actually read this blog rather than relating to the title only, then I'll just say now I do think there is a point to intersectionality - it's just an absolutely terrible word!

Although this does make me sound like the kind of men who disagree with the word feminism though not the concept, I do think the word intersectionalism (or intersectionality)  is terrible, it sounds technical and off-putting.

What's much better is what Nicki Minaj has been saying recently. Suzanne Moore summed up what I think in an article at the weekend - (tho I'm rather disappointed the URL contains the word catfight, I'm sure that's nothing to do with Suzanne)

Kanye West once said that Beyonc√© should have beaten Taylor Swift to a VMA. I happen to agree with  him - Taylor Swift was much more boring than she is now at the time, and arguably upped her game after the incident.

Then Nicki Minaj made the accurate observation that you can easily get nominated for a VMA award if you include a bunch of thin women in your video. Her own song Anaconda has indeed been everywhere and yet has not been recognised, whereas the frankly poor Bad Blood by Swift, was.

Which is again true - and thinking about it there is a very important point here - that being a Woman of Colour within the music industry is harder than being a white woman, which in turn is harder than being a white man.

This is the concept at the bottom of intersectionality and articulated so much better by Nicki Minaj - who returned recently to calling out Miley Cyrus for "tone policing" - than by the word itself.

I've read many  blogs and definitions of intersectionality, but to be honest nothing has brought it home to me as much as Kanye West and Nicki Minaj. 

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