Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Sublimation, Pygmalion, Banana Man - whatever is happening to Jeremy Corbyn?

The sublimation of Corbyn and McDonnell is absolutely fascinating. Political students must be agog.

Over many weeks we were told that the great thing about Corbyn was his straight-talking and his ability to connect with people.

However, akin to Bananaman, an amazing transformation is currently occurring.

After a terrible first week where he appeared to think he could do and say as he wished, a moulding of a new man is happening before our eyes. I understand today Jeremy Corbyn will talk about "hard working families" today in his speech. Yesterday John McDonnell told us they would sign up to reduce the deficit. What is happening? Perhaps advisers behind the scenes are coaching them? Perhaps the return of Tom Baldwin means they do consider the need for spin-doctors?

Could it be that the issue in modern politics is not the people involved, but the process? Surely not!

But when are the supporters going to notice? Is it true that "it's not what you do it's the way that you do it"? Time will tell.


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