Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Manchester is such a nice place.

I'm rather upset at the rudeness of two journalists today, trotting out the tired old "Oh, all this violence and stuff is just life in Manchester"

Camilla is well known for making jokes, and I defended her when UKIP tried to get the police arrest her for suggesting she'd been to South Thanet more often than Nigel Farage, on a satirical comedy show.

This latest from her is clearly a joke, but it's also pretty rude and prejudiced.

The editor of GQ, that's Gentleman's Quarterly, you think might have a line in charm but replied to Camilla Long thus:

Nice. So both journalists are subscribing to a view, allegedly put forward by the Queen, that Manchester is "not such a nice place".

Perhaps we should look at the evidence :

Q. Is Manchester perceived as meaner by the public at large, rather than prejudiced London-based media?

A. No, according to YouGov the impression is overall positive.

Q. Are many of the protesters from Manchester?

A. Quite hard to tell, tho certainly anecdotal evidence and interviews would suggest there are a number of protesters from elsewhere, including London!

Q. Does Manchester have more of a gun crime problem than London?

A. No, London has more of a problem


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