Monday, 5 October 2015

On Parenting and Politics; or the triumph of the mundane.

I have always been a firm believer that there is politics in pretty much everything, and that people generally care about issues, even if they don't think they care about politics, as packaged.

However, since becoming a parent, I've noticed an issue. I enjoy spending time with my daughter and family, but I do work, and the minutae of daily life is so complicated, I need a series of automations (perhaps even automatons, or androids!)  to keep it going. And though it sounds a bit, well, weak, I think keeping on top of the washing schedule, cleaning, caring for a child, cooking AND working full time do take up a lot of mindspace.

I listen to Radio 4 today every morning and PM in the evening, but although my opinions are still well informed, I'm not sure where I have the time to contribute strategically to the issues I see. 

But I can see big problems in this daily life, problems that frustrate me Such as North West traffic chaos -  how are people literally going to drive IN George Osborne's Northern Powerhouse in order to metaphorically drive the change he wants to see in the world?  Or childcare and the people who lose out at the bottom of the income scale - the people affected by tax credit cuts. Or the slow creep of credit ratings into every area of our lives, meaning a number of people are cut off at the bottom of the market from accessing housing, loans to expand or a (reliable) car to get to their job on time (looks like we are back to NW traffic chaos....)

Not all of these issues affect me, but I worry about them all anyway.

It makes me realise why clicktivism has taken hold so much - who actually has the time to research and lobby effectively for these changes? In a one party state like Manchester, what good will it do?

I think the answer is possibly a rationalisation of what I do spend my time on outside work, watch this space! 

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