Monday, 12 October 2015

Please stop with "I have considerably more followers than you"

We need to talk about twitter etiquette. Right about now.

Can people PLEASE stop sneering at the number of followers people have* a la people piling on to June Sarpong this morning? You don't think she's cool, you think you're cool, we get it. But if you, say have 25,000 followers because you're a journalist and your twitter profile is at the top of each of your articles, and the person you are criticising only has 3,000, you look rubbish. You do.

It looks cheap and nasty, because it is. It's rude. Don't do it.

Would you openly go around saying "Look how many friends I have! And look how many that person over there has! They have hardly any compared to me! I have considerably more friends than YAWH" (to misquote Harry Enfield's character )

There's quite a good guide from Twitter user @Theguyliner who does a good line in what's good and not good to do on twitter.

Here are a few

How to be cool on social media


Things we all think of social media.

He also does an exceptional line in Blind Date reviews

*There is one exception - if it's clearly a new account creating for the sole purpose of abusing you, it's probably legit to criticise that, and that often comes with said account having few followers. But as @theguyliner says, it's probably better not to retweet trolls.

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