Wednesday, 25 November 2015

How to survive without Twitter (SPOILER: pretty easily)

This is NOT an article on why I've decided to quit Twitter, there's too many of those and it really wouldn't be that interesting to people. Suffice to say I have.


But last time I quit, I found it much harder, but now I think there are many alternatives - a lot of news sites have "Twitterish" aspects now and it works quite well.


Also, if someone links to a tweet, it's entirely possible to follow the tweet even when you don't have an account, which was one of my main concerns.


Take today, the day of the Autumn Statement, a day I thought would be very difficult without twitter. But the BBC had a live blog and also linked to the website with all the documents available which gave me a MORE in-depth view than I would have had from all the two-bit analysts on Twitter. It was helpful as well to make my own mind up rather than be swamped with the feed as well.


Most of the people I talk to regularly online talk over Facebook or WhatsApp, so that's not a concern either, so I'm pretty much sitting pretty. Anyway, that's Day 1 over, wonder what the rest will be like?

P.S. I am considering going back to auto-tweet my blog posts only but will give it a week or so to bed in first.

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