Monday, 10 October 2016

Not having a Parliamentary vote on Brexit is a mistake....

I think Theresa May's decision not to have a Parliamentary vote on Brexit is a mistake.

Firstly, because it means that it's all on her. Without a mandate from Parliament the "bumpy ride" of Brexit is sure to end up with a blame game occurring. And without even being able to have a whipped operation of her own MPs behind her, that normal human nature in face of blame will be to ask who else, or who is majorly to blame.

Secondly, her Ministers for Brexit have already shown form on blaming anyone or anything than the idea of Brexit or themselves. At the last count, if Brexit fails it will either be because

- Remainers talk down the pound (?!)
- The Chancellor is "grieving" about Brexit (!?!?)
- British business spends too long on the golf course (?)

How much easier would it be just to blame the PM?

Thirdly, change management is mostly about bringing people with you, not telling them there are many, many reasons why you don't even get to express your view. This is the point of consultations, so people feel listened to and so you get feedback on possible elephant traps in your plan. Not doing this means people feel aggrieved and concerned, and start talking to each other.

If Tony Blair hadn't had a Parlimentary vote on the Iraq War, I don't think he would have survived as long as he did as the war descended further into chaos, he did have the fact that most of the Government and Opposition had backed his stance. I think Theresa May not doing this over Brexit is very risky indeed.

Fourthly, it is untrue to say there is not a government in waiting for this Government to fall to. There is, it is headed up by George Osborne (or possibly Boris Johnson) and it would be comprised of all the MPs sacked by Mrs May and currently waiting quietly on the Tory backbenchs.

Don't count your Brexit chickens until they are hatched.

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