Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Relationship counselling and leaving the EU

The divorce analogy for Brexit annoys me because it's simplistic and moreover takes people in odd directions about mid-life crisis and tends to assume Britain is a man as well, for some reason I can't quite fathom.

Anyway, the other side of this is how we repair our country in the middle of this crisis. As the pound continues to fall and a Tory conference continues, a conference that was told to produce one Brexit announcement per department to be announced this week. These ever more baffling announcements arrive with their particularly strange angle, leaving the rest of Britain reeling about just what Theresa May is going to do next.

However, picking ourselves up, in amongst the Loud Noises, it would be good for at least some of us to know the other side of divorce, those who manage to stay together with a better relationship because of relationship counselling.

Key to these concepts are understanding without necessarily agreeing: This can be pretty difficult as when you disagree with someone especially if they are telling you something unpalatable about yourself such as "out of touch metropolitan elite". However, relationship counsellors say it's important to at least understand where the other side are coming from.

So I'm going to try and at least praise the good Brexit policies, wherever I can find them. Today I thought lifting the cap on the number of doctors the UK trains, would be an unalloyed good thing, only for Theresa May to hedge the answer to "What happens to the foreign doctors after the UK ones are trained?" and leave us with the impression that the foreign doctors will be deported after 2025.....

Back to positivity tho, the objective is to understand the other side, to prevent your own position becoming too retrenched. The idea is to demonstrate understanding to help the other side understand your position and hopefully work together. Maybe this is possible, though it looks increasingly likely that it is not.

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