Monday, 10 July 2017

Big Ideas Notebook

I have a notebook called "Big Ideas". I didn't actually mean to buy a notebook called Big Ideas - I was looking for something to write revision notes in for my Open University exam in June, and picked up a packet of three and one of them came with the front cover emblazoned with "Big Ideas".

But something quite interesting has happened.

I have a long commute and drive a lot as part of my job, and especially after the commute in the morning, I often have a few minutes before starting work and I just jot any ideas down.

In addition, I've started using PodBean to listen to my favourite podcasts including Radio 4's In Our Time, This American Life, HBR's Ideascast and Bloomberg's Odd Lots podcast, and this has led to loads more inspiration and ideas, and now  just quickly jot them down.

The interesting thing that has happened is my thoughts are beginning to coalesce under subjects and plans, and work together to play off each other.

So, in short, if you aren't already - buy or make your own "Big Ideas" notebook - it could be worth it's weight in gold one day!

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