Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Whatever happened to Social Democracy in the UK?

I'm trying to observe a vow of silence about The Opposition Leader Who Shall Not Be Named (from now on referred to as TOLWSNBN) , as quite frankly I'm bored of talking and writing about him.

Today tho, I wonder if Labour have completely given up on Social Democracy and instead are opting for Socialism, and this is why his acolytes love him so much? I'm not a social democrat, but think it's a valid and sometimes useful political position - socialism, not so much, mostly because of the problem of the "brief period" of state control before the ownership of the means of production is devolved to the actual workers, never seems to come

I spent ages yesterday reading a blog post about why someone loves TOLWSNBN and I'm currently working through Nick Cohen's polemic "What's Left?" about the crisis of the Left.

For me, the cult of TOLWSNBN is actually self-described as being because they haven't seen anyone to represent their views in recent Labour leaders. Now, if one is an avowed socialist and actually believes in seizing control of the means of production, than it does seem to follow that their desire to achieve as many seats as possible in a Parliamentary Democracy would be less than that of a social democrat.

Social democracy to me, means starting from socialist principles (equality for all) moving towards what is more electorally possible, such as cash transfers to poor and disabled people and equality of opportunity.

But I'm concerned that seems to be being eradicated in the Labour Party in search of a pure socialist mindset.

But I suppose I should just reflect on it not being my party, and leave them to it.