Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Brexit positive.....

One positive thing about Brexit is we are actually having a debate about our place in the world and what type of immigration we want which I'm not sure many other countries are doing. We will find this comes to the fore as we want to have trade deals with the US, China and India and find that a number or even all of those countries demand increased levels of immigration to the UK
On the day the Supreme Court have decided that Parliament must have a vote on Article 50, it is at least the case that there will be a debate in Parliament, however I do think most MPs will vote for Article 50, a bit like the Iraq War, in that on the basis of the evidence available and conjecture made by the Government (about what the people intended), they will feel that that is their role.
I’m glad my own party, Liberal Democrats will demand a 2nd referendum, but from the polling in general I think most people will think given the result of the referendum, we should proceed with Brexit. I still think we shouldn’t really, not without information on how much it’s going to cost us.
I do hope Kier Starmer gets his own way and  a White Paper is produced – I also hope in tandem the IFS do some financial projections of Brexit. We do have quite a biased press but outlets like the BBC should faithfully report facts, and the British public tends to go to the BBC for their facts.
All of this this should inform the debate more. Although I still don’t want Brexit to happen, I think having the information available that we should have had before the referendum, and a long overdue debate about our place in the world and where we want to take the U.K. post the British Empire, it’s more likely that a better decision will be made.