Monday, 23 April 2018

A Very British Brexit?

Perfidious Albion - that's what they call us. Content to say one thing and do another, it's a particularly wounding nickname for a country that considers aspects such as "a gentleman's word is his bond" to be articles of faith*. When thinking about my country, I wonder how far we have come along this road, as it is not the case one's word can be taken as honest these days - a lot of daily life seems stricken by continually having to prove one is who one says one is. Annoying for me, as a relatively privileged person, but potentially catastrophic for people from the Windrush generation, stuck in a Kafka-esque nightmare of having to prove status with documentation that has been destroyed.

With all this in mind, that we not only have a history of going back on our word diplomatically, but also display large amounts of mistrust towards each other as well, what can be gleaned from the fact the government keeps saying one thing and doing another on Brexit?

Perhaps these tactics are being used against the Brexiteers? As if you are a weak Prime Minister in a difficult position one might tend to lull a load of troublesome backbenchers along until performing a volte-face at the last possible moment.

However, of course, the same might be said with respect to the troublesome Remainer backbenchers. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

*Yes, both actions can be defended as merely the workings of a civilised society trying to help save face and people's feelings, but that wouldn't suit my argument today.